I'm Akansha Prakash & I like to ideate.

The pockets in women’s clothing are 48% shorter and 6.5% narrower than men’s pockets.
Most of the citizens in India are still imprisoned by societal expectations. They struggle to freely be themselves.
2 out of 5 most-watched programs in Scotland were reality TV shows. (2018)
75% of 18-24 year olds prefer texting over talking.
While the UK government claimed that 90%
Making it topical with reference to shortage of toilet paper during quarantine.
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Akansha Prakash 

I'm an ideas person. I enjoy giving things my own twist. Adobe and me don't see eye to eye and hence, writing is the way for me. When I'm not experimenting with words, one can find my alter ego, Akkunaamatata devouring one sitcom after another or dancing away to some Bollywood music.

If you'd like to collaborate or try beating me at a game of Monopoly Deal, get in touch!
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